Alternative & Integrative Cancer Therapy

Revive Your
  • Health
  • Youth
  • Energy
  • Immunity

Alternative & Integrative Cancer Therapy

Revive Your

  • Health
  • Youth
  • Energy
  • Immunity

Alternative and Integrative Approaches to Cancer Therapy

Dr. Stephen Benchouk helps you achieve a safe and effective combination of natural therapies with conventional treatments, helping with side effects, as well as restore health & vitality before, during, and after cancer treatments.

Our goal is to approach cancer effectively from all angles, while at the same time do no harm to a body that is already under stress from the disease and the side effects of conventional treatment.

We help our clients understand the science behind why some foods and supplements may make chemotherapy, radiation and other medical treatments more cytotoxic, killing cancer cells more effectively, and which supplements may hinder the effectiveness of conventional treatment.

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Alternative Cancer Support
  • High Dose Vitamin C
  • Vitamin Mineral and Amino Acid IV Treatments
  • Re-purposed medications
  • Specific diets to create a healthy environment in the body which is metabolically hostile to cancer cells
  • Herbs and Nutrients Specific to your cancer type and treatment
Overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy and Radiation
  • Neuropathy
  • DNA damage
  • Mitochondrial damage
  • Brain fog “Chemo brain”
  • Fatigue
  • Cachexia “wasting”
  • Lowered immunity

Extend remission rates and Cancer Prevention

Our philosophy is that the body has the innate ability to heal, however, obstacles such as our toxic environment, lifestyle choices, emotional stresses, and genetics disrupt our immune system and allow cancer to develop. We feel these factors are the root cause of why cancer develops grows and by correcting these areas, your chances of eliminating your cancer and or remaining cancer free are dramatically improved.

The original goal of killing the last cancer cell doesn’t happen often enough

  • A 1 cm tumor has a billion cells = 1,000,000,000
  • When 99.999% are killed – that leaves 10,000 cells – not detectable by present methods – it’s a remission
  • But the 10,000 are mostly cancer stem cells (CSCs)
  • So there will be recurrence
  • Most cells remaining are cancer stem cells
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A post-chemotherapy protection plan is a good idea (A concept largely left out of standard oncology)

Strategies for extending remission and longevity by eliminating the causes.
toxic exposure to heavy metals and toxins.  Promote proper elimination.


  • Eliminate cancer stem cells
  • Repair damaged DNA and mutagenic cells
  • Reduce environmental causes
  • Eliminate toxic metals
  • Repair mitochondrial function
  • Optimize the immune system
  • Create an environment where cancer cannot flourish

Some of our clients are searching for a natural approach to their cancer, a way to rebuild and repair their body after chemotherapy or radiation, an integrative approach to traditional treatments or are looking to obtain optimal health to help prevent cancer.  Hawaii Natural Medicine has a program to help achieve your goals.

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