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How are glutathione IVs Used for Skin Lightening?

Skin color is determined by the production of melanin, which is produced by melanocytes in the bottom layer of the epidermis. Increased melanin in the body means the darker the skin will be. Glutathione in high doses inhibits the melanin production, therefore, reduces the concentration of pigmentation. As a result, it lightens and evens out the skin tone. A lower dose of glutathione is great for general detox, liver function, and a number of other health concerns, but in general, may not affect skin tone.

At Hawaii Natural Medicine, Glutathione is used in combination with vitamin C and vitamin and mineral co-factors which creates an even more potent formulation. This infusion helps slow the rate of free radial damage and neutralize oxidative stress which can result in damage to the collagen, cause skin dryness, and contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C will also help rebuild and maintain collagen while optimizing the circulating levels of glutathione in the body. The co-factors will help the body absorb and utilize the glutathione. Without these co-factors glutathione, even in high doses may not be as effective.

The procedure is relatively simple and involves an injection of glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin co-factors directly into your system via the intravenous route. Each session takes about 15-20 minutes and there is no downtime.

How many treatments/sessions will I need?

The amount of IV sessions of glutathione depends on how many shades lighter you want your skin tone to be. Typically 10 IV’s will be performed twice a week for 5 weeks. Typically one round of treatment (10 IV’s) can lighten the skin from 1 to 3 shades lighter. Depending on how light you would like your skin, you would need to commit to more rounds of treatment. Like any medical or cosmetic procedure, results may differ from person to person.

At Hawaii Natural Medicine we recognize that inflammation of and malabsorption by the digestive tract is almost always a major factor in chronic illness and an obstacle to health. There is no more efficient way to get the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into the body than through an IV Drip. Using IV therapy, we are able to bypass the digestive tract and deliver nutrients directly to the tissues, speeding up metabolic change. The addition of IV therapy to any other treatments greatly reduces the amount of treatment time needed to cure chronic illness.

IV therapy is individualized according to the patient and the treatment goals. Various vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, botanicals, antioxidants and homeopathic may be safely administered to enhance the therapeutic response and it is often prescribed as part of a complete, holistic and individualized treatment plan.

For those individuals who are generally healthy and interested in “anti-aging” or simply preventative medicine, IV Drips offer delivery of high concentrations of potent anti-oxidants to combat oxidative stress which is a marker of premature aging, degenerative diseases, and pre-cancerous states.

How long will the results last?

Maintenance is required to maintain the lighter skin tone. Frequency will depend on your ability to maintain anti-oxidant levels. The following factors will impede your results as they will increase oxidative stress:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Poor Diet
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Poor Sleep
  • Stress

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