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Sergio Andrade, LMT


Sergio Andrade

Meet Sergio Andrade

My name is Sergio Andrade and I am a licensed massage therapist in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally from Sacramento, California, I joined the US Air Force and was fortunate to have my last assignment here on Oahu where I’ve continued to be a guest for 10+ years. For me, living in Hawai'i has been an amazing experience that has offered so much personal healing and support from the aina and the warm and welcoming people who call it home. After retirement, I took a break to reflect on what I really wanted for myself and how I could help others. This led me to study Tantra, yoga, meditation and some very deep inner work where I learned the impact that living in a fear state has on my own body, but the minds and bodies of others. My vision became clear. To be in community and offer a space that is free of stress, judgment, or fear. One where you, the client, are allowed and encouraged to “let it go”, if only for one or two hours; hopefully more. My learning evolved into enrolling in a 850+ hour Holistic Health Practitioner program where I developed skills in many energetic and physical healing modalities that I can share with the general public to help them find their way to wholeness. The first step being self-care.

When offering the gift of Touch through massage, I specialize in: • relaxing Swedish massage (light to medium pressure)
• deep tissue (for specific areas) • assisted stretching through Thai massage
• manual lymphatic drainage to help stimulate your immune system and detox cellular waste Additionally, I offer Reiki and Healing Touch subtle energetic modalities which bring in the spiritual aspect of Holistic Health. Feel free to see a more detailed description of these through my website or we can schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss more. My vision has since extended to help veterans through VA Community Care Network referrals for massage therapy and patients of the Pain and Palliative Care department of the Queen’s Health System as a volunteer Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner. For me, incorporating these healing modalities into my routine, in addition to hiking in the mountains, open ocean swimming, and grounding walks have positively contributed to my overall wellbeing and I would love to share that with you. Visit Sergio's website at: